GospL Church is located at Columbus, OH.

GospL Church
6956 E. Broad St. Ste. 410
Columbus, OH 43213

It’s an online church in which I preach out of my home. You can hear or watch my weekly courses.

If you currently…

  • Don’t go to church
  • You’re in between churches
  • … or you go to church and want to hear even more preachings…

… then GospL Church is perfect for you!

Online Church Not for You?

Don’t worry. The next step is a real church in which you can drop by and receive the word every Sunday.

My online church will still be available…

So, no problem if you can’t show up in person.

You can still digest all the wonderful teachings of GospL Church online!

Don’t worry, I’m safe during those late night hours. Papa God told me I could go out then. However, unless God tells you these things or you pray for Him to protect you when you do, avoid going out at late hours.

Israel P.